I am a 23 year old marketing student in Provo, UT. I snowboard, love the outdoors, yoga, bodybuilding, and I am a singer/songwriter.

I have recently made the decision to serve an LDS mission. I will be documenting my experiences, and changes on this blog. Posts will continue to happen while I am away. I will designate someone to post what I send in emails.

If you have questions, or any comments or thoughts… Please don’t hesitate to reach out to me on here, or my email.

Email: jhulon16@gmail.com

My  Instagram: <a href=“http://instagram.com/jaromrocks”>Here</a>


11 thoughts on “About

  1. Jarom,
    Thank you for sharing your story. It’s absolutely beautiful.
    As a mom with 1 son who served & a daughter who is now serving I feel so happy & proud of this decision you have made. I know our Heaven Father is.
    I won’t lie things will get thrown your way & at times it won’t be easy. But you & your family will be blessed more than you could ever imagine.
    Can’t wait to read about your journey.
    God bless you.


  2. Jarom,
    I love this opening chapter to your new life novel! You have quite the journey ahead of you, and now that you have made this public, the adversary will try even harder to change your mind. Don’t let it phase you! Remember the blessing! Remember that you have armies of angels, both here and in Heaven, surrounding you, cheering for you, praying for you.
    Cars can be replaced. Friends come in and out of our lives all along our journey. Employment will find you again when you return.
    And you will never have another opportunity to experience what awaits you as an Elder of God, working to bring your brothers and sisters to the happiness and joy of the Gospel.
    Don’t get me wrong! You will have many opportunities to serve – even to serve as a missionary again. But this one? This one will be life-defining for you and everyone you meet and serve with, teach and pray for. Why? I suggest you watch for those tender mercies and write them in your new book.
    God bless you


  3. Just be sure to keep all the wonderful things about being a hippie! This coming from a 47 year old, straight laced, LDS mom who is most certainly not a hippie. But I know and love a few special hippies and it takes many kinds of people to make this world the beautiful place it is. I think Jesus was probably a bit of a hippie, don’t you?

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  4. This is kind of similar to how I felt before making the decision to serve a mission. For a while I felt insecure around all the other sisters who had wanted to serve missions their whole lives, but that went away pretty quickly as I realized how important it was that I had done what the Lord asked me to do. Good job being receptive to the Spirit and following His counsel!


  5. Wow-wee look foward to browsing the response to the blogg. I have a missionary grandson currently at Provo BYU MTC…we the family at large will all benefit from blessings of sons and daughters serving the Lord. Well Done.


  6. Good for you. It takes courage to ask for inspiration with the intention of being obedient to what God tells you. One of my grandsons, who never planned to serve, had a similar experience to yours–he’s now serving in Mexico. I have sons who served missions and sons who didn’t. I can tell you that those who served don’t regret serving–but those who didn’t have indicated on numerous occasions that they regret not serving. And I’ve been told by more than one mission president that the Elders who are a bit older are a great addition to the mission field.


  7. Jarom, you are a brave man and I admire you. Is there a way to subscribe to posts via email, so that are sent directly to my inbox? I’m a single mom in school full time, all having the emails sent directly to be would make it easier for me to support you on your journey. -Marie


  8. Jarom I am so happy for you!! You are a young man with great faith!!! I have a son who stray from the path. Heart braking for a mom. He is doing well now. But disqualified himself from serving a mission. I having served a mission my self really badly wanted a missionary. I would love to help donate and support your mission. Please let me know where to send money to.


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