I have always found myself waiting for things that never happened. Turning down fun things because maybe just MAYBE that one person I like is going to text me back. Or maybe I won’t go hang out with friends because I had hopes of something else happening. Well… ENOUGH. Stop waiting for ghosts. Stop waiting for nothing to come. Make it yourself.

Usually I put off doing fun things because I have had these empty hopes of something else happening. Because of this, I have missed out on a lot of cool experiences. This past weekend I went to Moab, Utah by myself. I could have done what I always do and talk myself out of it because something else MIGHT happen that weekend and I would miss it if I was gone. Sure, someone I like might actually text me back and want to do something for like the first time freaking ever (super bitter hahaha). I might get invited to something cool, but I CHOSE to make something happen.

I chose to make life happen instead life happening to me. I had an incredible weekend! I really needed that reset for my soul. I have been feeling like something was off. Like I didn’t deserve happiness. I kinda lost myself for a bit there. If you actively make things happen in your life, you have less time to fill your mind with thoughts of sadness or loneliness.

Now, one of my favorite quotes is, “Happiness, only real when shared.” from the book, Into the Wild. I completely agree with this. Do whatever you can to create experiences with people. That may even mean getting out of yourself and  creating experiences with complete strangers (safe ones I hope lolz). Do what you can, but sometimes it’s really nice to spend some time alone and sometimes there isn’t anyone around to spend it with. Never let that stop you from enjoying this life.

Gordon B. Hinckley said, “Stop seeking out the storms and enjoy more fully the sunlight.” This life was meant to be enjoyed. Be brave and experience it. Squeeze every last drip of happiness from life. Do things that push you to be more and learn more. This life doesn’t last forever. Anyone who has lost someone close to them knows this and carries that thought with them every time they get close to a car accident or anything that reminds them how short and precious life really is.

Enjoy this life. Be braver. Love deeper. Smile bigger.

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