The Desire is Gone

The Desire is Gone

Recently, I have had a huge lack of desire in all of the things I used to enjoy. The things that made my life great… Now… Seemed… Boring.

I have spent months missing workouts and eating horribly.. Sitting around all day. The gym was one of my greatest loves. I couldn’t find the motivation to really get into it again. In the past I would be hitting the gym 6 times a week, clocking in calories like a boss, and slinging up heavy weight like King Kong. More recently.. I could barely get myself to go twice in a week.

Currently, I am full force in the gym and  back to eating healthy. But… How did I do it? Well, I really didn’t do anything. I just held onto the ride. And what does this have to do with the church? Oh you’ll see. You’ll see.

I think in life we really beat ourselves up about not accomplishing what we want whether it be professional, religious, or personal. We get frustrated when we don’t quite measure up how we want. Maybe we keep messing up. Like my situation, missing workouts and not having a desire to go to the gym. Does that mean the gym isn’t important anymore? Of course not. Exercising will always be important. Am I a horrible person because I couldn’t find the desire to go anymore? Am I a horrible person because I kept failing? I think you can probably tell where I’m headed with this. It’s a pretty obvious parallel.

We mess up. We lose desire in things. That’s okay. What’s not okay is stopping completely. We have to at least try in order to one day find our love in it again. What would have happened if I stopped completely? What would happen if you stopped with whatever you aren’t doing good at? I am now loving the gym like the good old days. I did that by not stopping. I didn’t stop until I found the passion again.

I think this is a very important lesson to learn in the church, and really with everything in life. Sometimes, even the best of us, can lose our desire. We can mess up. We can go back to our “old” ways of sin. Not being able to make it to our meetings… Because well… We just don’t feel like it. However, if we keep trying… keep making an effort… One day… Everything will be right again. So don’t back down. Don’t throw in the towel just yet with whatever you are going through. Ya, you may be failing a lot. But that’s okay! Keep going. Fail more until you are failing less. I know I have failed a lot in my life, but I’m not giving up. Do what you can every day. Seek guidance from The Lord. Tell him your frustration… But it is important to understand you must also help yourself.  So make baby steps. One day they will be big steps.

A big part of me felt that I always needed to be on top of my game to feel accomplished. I look back at everything I was doing a year ago. I was on top of the world! It made me feel pretty bad about my life right now. Things aren’t exactly how I thought they would be. Not even close. But… I looked back a little further at all of the ups and downs. There is a pattern. I have been on top of my game a lot. But then things start to seem gloomy… a lot. Then.. .Things get great again. In fact, greater. We have to get back to the grind to create something better! Sure, last year was amazing. But, if it kept being the same I wouldn’t be able to get to the next great chapter in my life. Whatever that may be.

So, everyone, push through your growing pains. Things get better. You may really suck at life right now. But you gotta suck at life every once in a while to get better at it.  Pretty soon, you will be looking back at your story with a smile on your face. You will be glad you never gave up. I guarantee it.


Warm Regards,

Jarom Rasmus Hulon

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