One of the things I am most worried about with leaving on a mission is probably a little more on the secular side of things. And it may seem a little bit ridiculous to most people. However, it is HUGE to me.

Fitness. My fitness.

First, you need to know where I’m coming from. I used to be a VERY skinny little dude. Like really really really skinny. A gentle wind could break me in half. At that point in my life, I sorta figured that’s just how I would be the rest of my life. Well, that wasn’t so… I was eventually introduced to bodybuilding.

                                     A 50 lb DIFFERENCE

IMG_1478           FullSizeRender (14)


As you can see…. I was small. Only when you see the difference from where I was to where I am now, can you begin to understand why I will say that losing my physique is one of the things I am most worried about on this new journey. Only then can you understand the years of extreme pain and hard work I had to go through to get here. All of the days I had to keep eating more and more, even when I didn’t think I could take another bite. All of the days I had to force myself to get to the gym even though I had been at school and work all day and just wanted to sleep. The gym has become a huge part of my life. And I had to prepare myself to give it up for two years for a greater cause.

No, I am not just going to accept defeat. You can bet bet your bottom that I will do everything I can to try and maintain everything possible while serving a mission. But…. I would give it up and start from square one if necessary. You see, We are often very close minded when it comes to things we believe to be important in our lives. Yes, physical fitness is very important. But… probably not to the point I have taken it. I love what I do, and The Lord wants us to be happy. He wants us to find these things in life that bring us such happiness.  However, we need to decide whom we will serve. Ourselves… Or The Lord.

I have chosen The Lord.

I’m super bummed about not being able  to go to the gym all of  the time. Haha  I even thought about putting my companion over my shoulders so I could squat him. I can see it now. My foreign companion that I can’t understand will email home and say, “I don’t understand! My companion keeps power cleaning me!”. So… Sorry in advance future companion. Gotta get those gainz.

I’m super bummed about a lot of things that I won’t still have. But this pales in comparison to the joy I feel about serving The Lord. Ya, getting strong and big is one of the best feelings ever. But bringing the pure love of Christ to strangers? Giving up everything so that other people may know the joy you have gives one a joy that is truly unexplainable.

Two years really is a small sacrifice in the grand scheme of things. Most everything will still be there when I get back. Sure, I may have to regain a lot of the progress I have made in the gym. Sure, maybe all of the people in my life won’t still be there. But that’s okay. We as humans are made  to change and progress. We should never desire for things to stay the same. No progress is made when we are standing still. I am losing some things, but GAINING so much more. An adventure! The opportunity to give! Becoming closer with my heavenly father! Learning to love unconditionally! Knowing I can choose what  is right! And learning that I can keep going even when I do something wrong! Learning Chinese!!!!! Did I mention that I am a marketing major? I mean, I am serving a mission  for The Lord… But that is a nice little tender mercy from my father in heaven if I do say so myself. Chinese will be a huge benefit as I progress my career in business.

I used to pray and ask if there was any way that I didn’t need to go on a mission. I begged for another path… But…. This is my path. I’m ready. Now, I pray for the strength to keep going. I pray to become the best person I can  be so that I may bless lives. I pray for the future people I will meet, that they will be prepared for the moment they meet me. I pray for where I am  headed now. Going into something blindly can be scary. We just need to take that first step in the dark to  understand that we are capable of doing hard things. It takes faith, and then The Lord will carry us. He has carried me SO far. Now it is my turn to thank him for that.

It’s now my turn to serve him.

I am now able to walk on my own. He will never leave my side, but I am ready to do what is right. I’m headed out in two weeks. I’M FREAKING OUT. My life is a COMPLETE financial disaster. There are so many unexpected costs that come with choosing to serve. And it’s even more rough when you don’t have the money to pay them. Haha oh well. You just gotta laugh sometimes when things aren’t perfect. They aren’t meant to be, but we are meant to do what’s right. But I’m leaving. I wouldn’t have it any other way. It’s time to go get some spiritual gainz.

“Choose ye this day whom ye will serve, but as for me and my house we will serve the Lord”

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4 thoughts on “End Of An Era

  1. I know some of what you re going through. I was inactive (I’m a convert) when I felt strong promptings from the Lord that I was to serve a mission. I pondered and prayed, basically against it, for days,but I finally realized that it was what I was to be doing. I didn’t have much money saved and I knew my parents wouldn’t support me. I was very blessed to have a wonderful Stake President who felt that whomever wanted to serve a mission he would find a way to accomplish it and he did. I loved my mission. I had kind of a hiccup on my mission. i spent two month in the MTC, four months in the Japan Tokyo South Mission and then had serious female problems and spent the rest of my mission in the Oregon Portland Mission. I wouldn’t trade my experiences for anything. The Lord will bless you. You need to love the people. It will be hard but so rewarding. May God bless you as you serve Him!!!


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