It would seem the world has lost hope in love and kindness. We get discouraged, and wonder where the love went. If there is only one thing I know to be true, it’s that love will always exist. Love will always prevail.

Last night I had an opportunity to be on stage, and perform with a lot of my musical heroes. I couldn’t believe I was on stage with these INCREDIBLE artists. We all gathered together for a sold out show at The Stereo Room in Orem Utah for an artist in need. Come to find out, that person was me. All of the money raised that night…. Was for me.

When I was on stage with the owner announcing that the night was for me, I was hit with the spirit more strongly than I have in my entire life. In a single moment, my body was filled with an immense love. The purest form of love my mind could recollect.  Everyone was staring at me. Everyone stood and clapped for me. For me? I couldn’t believe it. When I was handed the microphone, I had no idea what to say. This kind of thing hasn’t ever happened to me. As I stood on stage having nothing to say, my mom finally said, “Thank you.” It’s a good thing too, I wasn’t sure I was ever going to be able to figure out how to start! Really, the only thing I could say is thank you.

Being a very independent person, I have had to really adjust to all of the love I have been given. So many people tell me how inspiring I am. So many people have reached out to help in any way they can. At first I didn’t want help. However,  I have learned that when someone offers you help, you should take it graciously. They will receive blessings for doing good things. It takes a lot of humility to accept such gracious help, but it is important that we do so.

After the night was over, I went to my room and fell to my knees just sobbing. That night I fell asleep kneeling on the side of my bed. I have never prayed that hard in my entire life asking The Lord to bless other people. I couldn’t even count how many times I asked to bless the people who were so loving to me that evening. They deserve it, each and every one of them.

Now, a lot of you think I am a wonderful person who is  doing a good thing. However, I want to  tell you about the heroes in my life. Without them, I wouldn’t be the person I am today.

<h2>Spencer and Valerie (My brother and sister-in-law)</h2>

1003881_10151689709161548_1997563447_n          1424567_10152374905446548_6379846944371732623_n


These two have been incredibly inspiring. After just getting married, they got news that my sister’s children were being taken away. They immediately offered to provide my nephews with a loving home. Who does that? After just getting married? It’s not the fantasy newly-wed story that most everyone hopes for, but it’s their story. I have never seen such a positive change in my nephews’ lives. They are literally changing their lives forever. I couldn’t imagine taking on the burden that they have.

One day my brother found out I was going through a difficult time with mission prep, and he immediately called to offer words of peace. That completely turned my day around. Valerie has assisted me with countless difficulties. Haha bless her soul… Heaven knows I have a lot. No, they can’t afford to do all of the cool things they wanted to do anymore with this new change. However, They have made a HUGE difference in the lives of many. Not just my two precious nephews, but everyone who is witnessing what they are doing. They will be rewarded immensely on high for their sacrifice.

<h2>My Mother</h2>



Before my mother was sent to  earth, one thing is for darn sure. God definitely told her that her life would not be anywhere close to easy.

Now, it’s super cliche to say that your  mom is your hero. Well, when you witness what I witnessed in my life, you would have the same opinion.  You see, one day my mother came into my room and told me that my father had left. He left… Took all of the money we had… And our house. My mom immediately went to find work. A mother who had been a stay-at-home mom for most of her life, and had to  deal with an abusive husband. I have witnessed this woman fail more than I have seen anyone one else in my life. But I also have never seen someone get back up more in my life, and keep trying. I have never seen someone stay so positive in the midst of such turmoil. I imagine it must be really hard when you have to move your family into government subsidized housing and say, “Wow, this is a really great place!” I saw my  mom go back to school in hopes to give her family a better future. I watched my mom graduate college. She hasn’t reaped any benefits from it yet, but she hasn’t stopped trying.

Now, it may be clear to you where I get my drive. I witnessed countless examples of complete strength and faith. She never lost her faith. She was always a good example to me. Plus, she never stopped loving me when I didn’t want to go on a mission. She supported my decisions with love. She always did.

<h2>Jordan Munns</h2>


This is my friend Jordan. He is an incredibly kind, and hard-working person. I have enjoyed many inspiring conversations with him. He has always done all he can to help me in my new journey. He is constantly inspiring everyone around him. He wakes up in the wee hours of the morning and comes home late at night. He literally works 14-16 hours a day.  His life is incredibly difficult  right now. But the thing is… he still inspires people. He is a personal trainer, and I have never seen a personal trainer quite like him before. His clients absolutely love him. And he doesn’t leave that inspiration at work. He takes it with  him everywhere he goes.

Thank you Jordan for all the kindness and love you  have shown me.  Thank you so much for constantly being there  for me  every step of the  way.

<h2>Amber Lynn</h2>



Amber.  First, she has always been a huge musical inspiration for  me. To this day, I still don’t think she has realized how talented she  is. She is also a very delicate person. So many times I have seen her get down on herself. I have always  struggled to understand why.  But then again I do.  She allows herself  to be vulnerable, which is a very special gift. She feels a lot  of sadness, and she feels a lot of happiness very strongly. This helps her to connect so well with people. She literally just goes  around blessing everyone’s lives all day. This is someone who would never do anything bad to another person. She is always in the front lines introducing herself to  others… I couldn’t do that. I get scared.  One thing that has inspired me, is that she does what she loves… Because she loves it.  She doesn’t sing, or go to work as a social worker everyday because of selfish reasons. It really is purely because she wants  to make others happy.  Now, next time she  ever gets down on herself, I want her to  remember  that. Because of her, the world is a better place. And that is a huge reason why we were sent to this earth. What a great gift.

In this life we can be a lot  of  things. I think we should all try to be more like Amber. What an amazing blessing she is  for this world. Thank you for  being vulnerable. Thank you for  blessing this earth.


<h2>Joseph Moore and Reed Davis</h2>



These guys  found me, and completely changed my life forever. They are also one  of the  biggest reasons why I am going on a mission. I know that God put me in their path for a reason.  They are also the reason I was able to meet Jordan, and  Amber.

I still don’t think Joseph is real. He is unlike anyone you will ever meet. I really don’t think he has ever done anything bad in his life.  There is not a single person on this earth that doesn’t like him. It would be  impossible. Every moment I wake up and say, “Alright,  just try to be a little more  like Joseph today.” Haha but really they have always been there for me ever since they meet me. They offered their couch to me during some very dark times to me. I couldn’t even explain how much comfort those times brought me.  Reed always kept me focused on what’s important, and always  asked if there was anything he could do for me. He helped me develop the ability to show  people the real me, and become vulnerable in order to reach people in a deeper way.

I am so grateful for these two people. I couldn’t imagine what my life would have been like  without them. I am  just  so glad I randomly ended  up at their house one day for music.


<h2>Krista and David</h2>

IMG_1289   IMG_1291

Last but  not least… These two. These are the two who changed  my life last night. They are SO loving.  I can’t even count  how  many times I have prayed for these two in the past 24 hours.  I am so grateful that they gave me the chance to sing with some  of my heroes… And I am so grateful that they put on this evening for me.  I can’t even imagine how successful they will be. Their intentions  are in the right place, and they are so good at what they do.

I think many times we go about our lives, and  don’t really pay attention to anyone else.  That isn’t the case for  them. They truly care about other  people. I wish I could truly explain how grateful I am for them. They have changed my life. I remember the first time I met them, and was so confused at how kind they were.  I want them to know that one day when I have kids, I will be telling them stories of the two most generous people I have ever met. I will be telling them about how much of an impact they had in my life, and then translated into all the people I was able to help in Taiwan. I will tell them tales of the people who showed me such a pure  form of  love. Another  random thought… I was so amazed about how loving David talked about his wife when she wasn’t around. These two  are angels. There is  a special place in heaven for  these two.  Thank you for all that you have done, from the bottom of my heart.

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6 thoughts on “Love Will Prevail

  1. Your posts are so inspiring! I am just a random stranger who reads your blog but you have really touched my heart. You will be an excellent missionary.


  2. Awesome! Your family and friends see your great worth and are willing to help you accomplish what you want to achieve. I know you will do so much good with the gift they have given you. Congratulations.


  3. The Lord sends many people into our lives to teach us and to guide us. It is so wonderful to see how many beautiful people you have in your life. May He bless you as you serve Him!!


  4. It was great to see you perform that night. There was so much talent! I have to agree with you that when they said the money was going to you, there was a very strong spirit of love present. I didn’t know who you were before that night, but I knew you deserved it. Thank you for sharing your talents with us all that night. Also, thank you for your prayers. I won’t go into details, but your great faith is certainly helping me with my personal issues going on this week.


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